Every semester, many volunteers organize the International Dinner, an event meant to bring the newly-arrived Erasmus generation around the vast table of cultural and gastronomical diversity.
Language is one of the most important tools to understand a culture, a point of view and the history of a population or a group of people, it brings people together and opens our eyes to new ideas and ways of understanding and seeing the world around us.
ESNmemories is meant to remind us about the good old days before the pandemic, about the feelings we had back then, the people we met and the places we visited together, as ESNers or as students.
Welcome (back) to Romanian 101, where you can learn some phrases to help you make more friends and communicate easily. We’ve created a short recap of our Romanian 101 series, including here basic infos for you, the ones that will arrive soon in Iasi.
An important aspect of joining the workforce is knowing what your rights as an employee are