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Student dorms or studio-renting? That is the question. 

Honey, it’s all up to you! Just choose what you want. But first, let us tell you something about both of them. Student dorms are way cheaper in Iasi than renting a studio-apartment. If you’re willing to choose the student dorms, we assure you that you’ll have lots of fun, but the apartment can be a good choice if you search for something more peaceful and „just yours”.

As we told you in the other sections, the main student dorms are in Copou (the C dorms, Akademos, Gaudeamus) or in Tudor Vladimirescu (the T dorms). 


If you come to “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi (or TUIASI) you will get a place in the T7/T8 dorms on the ground floor (they are connected so it’s no big difference between them). The rooms are for 2 people, with a private bathroom and the price is around 300 RON (approx. 60 euro) a month and the payment will be made only by card. There is a common kitchen, a dining area, and a laundry room (for which you will need to make an “appointment” with the administrator first, as there is always a list). Upon arrival, you will be asked for a deposit of 900RON (approx. 180 Euro) in cash, which will be returned by the end of your stay if nothing was broken/ damaged.

On the campus, you have one cafeteria that is open from 12:00 to 19:00, a sports hall that the students can use for free and a medical office. You can find more info here!

If you come to “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, you will get a place in the C5 dorms. The rooms are for 2 or 3 persons with a private bathroom and fridge in the room and they cost around 400 RON (approx. 80 euro) a month. There is a common kitchen and a study room.

UAIC has a main cafeteria called “Titu Maiorescu”, which is near the campus. There’s always something good to eat, but it is open from 1pm to 5pm max. Inside Corp A (Uni corp), there’s a Café called Tafrali and it is open from 9 am-7 pm. You can have there a cup of coffee, tea, shakes (to go or there) or something to eat (sandwich, pies, pastry-cakes). You can find more info here!


You can always choose to rent something. If you go for that choice, make sure the renting company is a sure and valid one (search more than one) and also try to find it both on Facebook and Google. *try to find reviews – even if they are in Romanian,  try to translate them somehow. 

Always ask for details about the studio/apartment – like does it have its own central heating, or AC, maybe TV/ internet connection – basic utilities. 

The prices for studios in Iasi vary from 250 to 350 euros, depending on the conditions/utilities, the part of the city – location - (in Copou will be more expensive to rent) etc. 

An apartment with 1 bedroom plus 1 living room costs somewhere between 350-450 euros/month maximum if you don’t plan on living somewhere far from uni. 

Remember that when you’re renting from an agency, you have to pay for one month, the commission of the agency that has the same price as a month of renting and a guarantee (also the price of one month of renting – you’ll receive it back if everything is ok with the apartment).


When choosing the apartment/studio, make sure there is at least one station that has a direct route to your faculty/university – this way it will be easier for you.

And also, don’t forget:  when you have a problem, you can always come to the ESN family. We will happily try to help you, nothing is impossible when we’re together.